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What is Thermodynamic Solar

Thermodynamic Solar PST system is the latest generation in solar panels. It’s innovative technology is based on the theory by French physicist Nicolas Carnot who discovered thermodynamics. They are the only solar panels that heat water at night and on cloudy days without sunlight assuring an efficient supply of hot water and centeal heating 365 days a year while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions.

The only Solar Panel that heats water even at night without sunlight.

The Solar PST system does not only capture the direct solar radiation , it also absorbs the heat from the atmosphere which is present in the air, wind and rain ensuringits performance without using an electrical resistance even at night all year round.

There is a growing trend to favour alternative energies and this method is one of the best options available as the optimal solution to heat our home by means of solar energy allowing you to save up to 80% on your energy bill with the latest solar technology which is fully compliant with current energy saving and efficiency regulations.



Solar PST with its innovating technology reduces air pollution.

Solar PST

Reliable and efficient

Panels are manufactured under strict quality control standards ensuring a long lifespan of more than 25 years and a resistance to corrosion and to the most adverse weather conditions. Work efficiently even in the absense of sun, day and night and all year round.


Covers 100% of your hot water needs 365 days a year through a natural source without using an electrical resistance.

Solar PST Energy Consumption


Quick and easy installation and aesthetically adaptable to any architectural construction. Adaptable to a number of conventional heating systems such as gasoil boiler, natural gas etc.